Welcome to Associated Students/SDSU EMS (Event Management System) online reservation system for Associated Students facilities, equipment and events.


For first time users:

  1. To “Browse for Space” go to “Browse” in the menu bar and select “Browse for Space”. You will be able to see specific areas by using the “Filter” option in the top right corner and selecting the area you wish to view.
  2. To "Create an Account" go to "My Account" in the menu bar and select "Create An Account" from the drop-down menu, then follow the instructions

For returning users:

To make a reservation:

1.    Go to “My Account” in the menu bar and select “Log In”.

a.     Your User ID is your email address that you used to create an account.

b.    Your password is the one you designated when creating your account.

2.    Go to “Reservations” in the menu bar and then make the appropriate selection from the drop-down menu. For Aztec Recreation Facilities you will select “ARC-Aquaplex” and for Union Programs you will select “Union-ARC Express”.

3.    Please complete all required fields associated with your reservation request.

4.    PLEASE NOTE: Your request is not confirmed until you receive an email confirmation from an A.S. employee. The status of your request will indicate whether your request was confirmed or denied.

To edit a reservation:

1.    Hover over the “Reservations” tab and select “View My Requests”.

2.    In the “Name column, select the reservation you wish to edit.

3.    To change booking details select “Edit Reservation” in the top right corner.

4.    To edit specific dates and times select “Edit Booking” under the “Actions” column.

5.    To cancel an entire reservation select “Cancel All Bookings” in the top right corner.

6.    To cancel specific dates and times select “Cancel Bookings” in the top right corner.

7.    To add services such as laptop/projector, etc. select the green plus sign under the “Services” column.